Requests for Research

The Folsom Historical Society archives & research desk are open Tuesdays through Friday by appointment only at the Folsom History Museum. Please fill out the form below and one of our researchers will be in touch with you shortly. Please be as detailed as possible to allow for the best possible search results. 


A research request form must be completed prior to making an appointment.


Research Desk Fees: 

$0.25 per copy (B&W), $1 per color copy
$2.00 minimum for mailing material
Additional charges may apply at up to $15/hour

More information and downloadable form below:

Requests for Photos

Publication, distribution, exhibition, or reproduction of images (print, electronic, online, or other media) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Folsom Historical Society. To place an image request and/or to obtain permission for publication, please download and complete the Photo Request and Permission for Publication Form (below) and submit it to the Collections Manager ( Please allow at least two (2) weeks for the request to be fulfilled. Expedited processing will require an additional fee.


Those looking to use photographs for personal reasons need not use this form, instead please email         


Terms and Conditions

1. The Folsom Historical Society grants one-time usage permission per image. Any additional image usage will need to be requested by email.

2. Whether or not the publication is copyrighted, the Folsom Historical Society reserves the right to use and the right to determine all future use of the image(s) by others.

4. The image(s) will be appropriately credited in the form: "Courtesy of the Folsom Historical Society”

5. The Folsom Historical Society requests a copy of every publication using its images for the Folsom History Museum archives. 


After a request has been submitted and permission granted, expect to send Folsom Historical Society a signed form and completed invoice payment before photos are released.

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