• Kaitlyn Scott

Love in Folsom

Somehow, we have already made it to the middle of February! If all of you readers see this in time, here is your official reminder that Valentine’s Day is this Sunday the 14th and it is not too late to pick up a card or a gift (we suggest our giftshop!) for your special someone. The origins of Valentine’s Day or even the older celebration of Lupercalia obviously does not relate to Folsom so instead of going into the history of the holiday, I want to share with you some of my favorite photos and pieces in our collection that represent Valentine’s Day at a local level. Enjoy a look at some of Folsom’s couples and the upcoming long weekend!

1853 Marriage Certificate for Edward Raun and Charlotte Phelps
Hattie Levy Morrison in her wedding dress on June 14th, 1899. Her dress is in our collection too!
Wedding Shoes, worn by Emma Hare December, 20th, 1899
Manuel and Mary Castro on their wedding day, October of 1901

William Elisha Townsend and Matilda Russler Townsend on their wedding day May 4th, 1904
Alvina Ferra Perry & Manuel Perry on their wedding day, October 12th, 1913
Ben Neal and Gertrude Joerger Neal Wedding
John & Lillie Knecht, 1915
Unidentified Couples

1927 wedding photo of Lon Metzger and Mary Nichols Metzger

Bernice Albrecht and John R. Castro on their wedding day April 24th, 1945
William and Catherine Cruickshank on their 70th Wedding Anniversary in 1949

Isabel and Domingues Brum 50th Wedding Anniversary 1957