Folsom History Museum 

Permanent Exhibit 

Our permanent exhibit provides an overview of Folsom’s history from its beginning as the home of the Nisenan to the 1960s. It explores how Folsom as we know it today was formed by providing the history of its founding, the Gold Rush, railroad, its pioneers, agriculture and important businesses.

Folsom History Museum 

Quilted Memories: 40 Years of Memories

January 18, 2020 - Present

Our 40th anniversary Quilt and Fashion Show celebrates the Folsom History Museum’s own collection of quilts and vintage clothing. An impressive display ranging from pre-Civil war to modern styles, our quilt show has something for all ages to enjoy.

Folsom History Museum 

Community: The Big Lives of Small Town People

FHS's First Digital Exhibit!

Folsom History Museum’s newest exhibit features the extraordinary individuals and families who shaped Folsom. Their lives are stories of progress, ingenuity, courage and persistence but also loss and heartache that can resonate with our own lives today.

Pioneer Village

Ashland Station Permanent Exhibit

Opening TBD

The new permanent exhibit at Pioneer Village provides an in depth look at two of Folsom’s most important businesses. Through stunning imagery and artifacts, you will learn about Folsom’s transportation history beginning with the first railroad in the West and the Natomas Company, an empire built on water and agriculture.