Frequently Asked Questions

Donating Objects & Heirlooms to the Folsom Historical Society

What does the Folsom Historical Society collect? 

Our collection is closely tied to our mission as an institution - preserving, sharing, and interpreting the unique history of Folsom. Our collection of archives and artifacts help us do just that, both in helping researchers or being featured in our museum exhibit spaces. Although much of our collection is linked with the history of Folsom, our broader collecting areas are: 

  • 19th and early 20th century quilts

  • 19th and early 20th century menswear, womenswear, and children's clothing

  • Native American peoples of Northern California and the Sacramento Valley

  • California Gold Rush

  • Railroads in the American West 

  • Pony Express

  • Chinese, Portuguese, and other immigrant communities of Folsom and the eastern Sacramento Valley

  • Early 20th century agriculture and viticulture in California

  • Mining in the Sacramento Valley

Does the Folsom Historical Society take donations? 

Yes! Many of our most treasured pieces came from private donors. If you have an artifact with connections to historic Folsom and our broader collecting areas please download and submit a donation form, available here and submit it either in person to our 823 Sutter St. address or send it as an email attachment to our archive & collections manager Kaitlyn Scott, at

Can someone at the Folsom Historical Society tell me how much my things are worth? 

Unfortunately, the Folsom Historical Society --along with many other museums, historical societies, and similar institutions -- can not ethically appraise private collections in terms of monetary value. 


However, we'd be happy to refer you to professionals in the appraisal field who would be able to provide you with the information you're looking for. 


Click here to get in touch with our archive & museum collection staff to get contact info regarding appraisers. 

From the Serpa Family Photo Collection | Folsom Historical Society

What does the Folsom Historical Society do with its collection?

While we focus a lot of attention on the proper care, conservation, and storage of the historical treasures in our collection, we definitely try to put them to good use! That means making them available to researchers, genealogists, students, and authors looking to study the region's history, or featuring them in the museum's permanent and rotating exhibitions. That's why we look for donors who have kept their items in good condition, allowing our collection to be built on museum-quality pieces. 

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